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           Welcome to Creative Wealth Building


John A. Hozvicka
CEO & Author
Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC

* In 1971 From retail clerk to 1974 dishwasher to cook to 1979 operation manager to 1987 Security officer to site supervisor to account manager to 2008  CEO of my own company.

*Private investor since 1979 in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold and silver. Built a library of books on investing, seminary courses and video on investing.

*In 1980 I attended college and studied alternative medicine and graduated in 1986 with a "Doctor of Naturopathy" degree. It was here where I learned the power of the mind and how everyone can take control of his or her life with the use of affirmations, and visualization, a method to change the inner paradigm that controls your life. You will learn more about this subject in training manual three.

*In 1989 earn a doctorate degree in science from Lafayette University.

*Held membership in the National Association of Investor Corp. now called “Better Investing” (1990-1997) and was membership in the American Association of Individual Investors (They are both very good organization to join, I recommend them).

*Founder of “Partners for Profit and Growth” investment club and served as its first president in 1997.

*Received his diploma in “Financial Planning Specialist” course from Ashworth College in 2000.

*Received his diploma in “Paralegal Studies” from Blackstone Career Institute, in 2009.

*Partner and senior portfolio manager of an investment partnership called JJ Holdings 2008 – 2015

*CEO of Financial Concepts & Solutions LLC from 2008 to present date

*Author and designer of all these training program, 2014. To help low income people realize their right to a wealthy, happy and comfortable life like anyone else.

My Mission Statement

My mission is simple, I love making money and building wealth through investing and I love helping other people make money in the investment market and follow their dream. These program” are design to help low income people realize their dream and right to a wealthy, happy and comfortable life like anyone else, and become financially free from debt, to enjoy life and be happy and be proud of their accomplishments. The training manual are written from my personal experience; and I would like to share that experience with others  because at one time I was a low income person. There are three things that I feel is my calling:
1.) I love to teach
2.) I love to share what I know
3.) I love to help other people

My Story:

After graduating high school the only job I can get for ten years was a minimum wage job. I hated living from hand to mouth so I went to the local library and read books. I purchased the latest books on investing. I studied and learned. I attendant lectures and seminar. I learn ways to raise cash, set a budget, and start investing. I soon realized that I had a gift for investing and never lost a Penney in the stock market. First I was able to buy a new car, not used, but new. Then I built up a bank account ($3,000), I had $2,000 in each of the four mutual funds I owned. I was on my way to building wealth. There is nothing better than having that feeling of knowing your got money anytime you need it.  If I can do it then you can do it. If you’re very serious about building wealth and hate living from paycheck to paycheck, then buy my program and follow my foot steps.