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                                           The Miracle of Christmas

    Christmas is all about love, fun and family time, its all about giving gifts of joy, it’s a time of forgiving and healing  of those who have hurt you, its about finding peace in your heart, about renewing old friendship, volunteering at local city centers and Church programs that help those who are not blessed as much as you and need your love, great wars have stopped for one day in honor of the virgin birth of the Son of God, Christmas is a powerful event granting special wishes and miracles to those who have faith, its all about love, and love is powerful, but simple, all you have to do is allow it to happen.

    Christmas is about making new friends; it’s about going to Church to give God thanks for this lovely holiday, having fellowship with Church members, setting good moral example for our children, giving hope in a world of unbelievers. Christmas makes us feel good and happy, give us pride when we help others, it bring out our expression of love for our fellow human beings. If you allow yourself to become emotionally involved, it can become the most wonderful time of the year.

    In every person life, for every event, and various uncontrollable situation there is always two sides to every story, and through the eyes of Christmas we always see the good and positive side first that help’s brings us understand of the bad and negative side. Christmas brings us the winter season when the snow falls and the earth goes to sleep after a year of worldly event, good and bad, hard and life giving.

    Christmas brings us a time for making snowmen; decorating the house inside and out, going ice skating, sleigh riding, skiing, and every thing more. A festive time with the special Christmas dinner, making cookies and cakes, getting ready for Santa visit. The family putting up the Christmas tree as those helping out at the shelter for the homeless, eating laughing and decorating there Christmas tree. Back in the 90’s when I had more time I would help out at St. Herman house of hospitability that housed 22 homeless men and feed over 200 people every meal, a time that gave me great joy.
  • Christmas is a magic time of year for wishes and miracles, especially for relationships, but if you fail to recognize your wish, the miracle of the moment will pass, so be watchful, be aware, and see your wish through the eyes of Christmas.  

    In closing I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    God Bless you All
                                                                       Help Out

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