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Program Outline

Investing in the Stock Market
Unique, Dynamic and Powerful
A training program Designed
Low income people

I have design four major training manuals that will teach you sound principles and methods to building wealth. Each manual is written in simple words to help you better understand each topic. Each manual has been written in digest form to help limit reading time by getting right to the point of the subject without long stories.
                                                                            Once Completed

*You will become unique because of the sound strategies you will learn that most people don’t thing of when it comes to building wealth and earn the respect of family and friends for your ability to make money.

*You will become dynamic in the investment market because you will know the laws and principles of money and wealth.  My wealth building program will give you hope for a better future, it will give you meaning and bring purpose into your life.

*You will become powerful among family and friends who will seek you out for advise on money. Because once you learn these techniques it will always stay with you the rest of your life helping you build wealth. My four manuals are design to cover all areas of wealth building both, physically and mentally.  
The Value you will receive
     Here are the values you will receive when you follow the methods and techniques in my program.

1. How to raise capital to build wealth
2. Learning all about the science of money
3. How to set-up you’re banking needs and establishing yourself in your community.
4. How to reprogram and recondition your thinking about yourself and build up positive mental attitude of your image to build wealth.
5. Learn to think, talk, and act the way wealthy people do and why it’s important to associate with wealthy people.
6. You will learn sound investing ways with very low risk so that your money will grow into more money, building your wealth; investing with confidence.
7. How to increase your income and earning more money to build wealth and experience more freedom.
8. How to turn to your life around from slavery to debt to freedom of wealth.

As a low income people you can achieve all that I just talked about but only after you purchase my low cost program; I did it in my life and you can too, you only need to trust in me and have faith in yourself.

Investing in Stocks 101

Training Manual One
You will become that Dynamic investor that lives within you
47 pages

*The introduction, classification and psychology of wealth
*Raising capital (cash)
*The theory and practice of saving money
*The need for goal setting & changing your mental concept on wealth
*Understanding the important of positive mental attitude and taking hold of faith and how faith moves things.
*Learning and understanding the science of money 13 laws to building wealth and 5 laws to sound investing.
*Understanding what are real assets and which investment securities are real assets.
*learning strong habits to wealth building
*Learning the psychology of wealth and rich people, what they do, talk, and act about; their habits, what they invest in and their attitude and learning habits.

*Building your private library on wealth, money, assets, investments, both books, CD, and movies.
*Learning where your money is going and how a budget can help you build wealth.
*Money management and step by step story on how I started to build my wealth.
*Common sense investing, and the securities you should think about.
*Sound investment strategies and the stock market. The 30 Dow Jones stock companies, blue chip stocks.
*Protecting your assets and investments and what to do during various types of economic crises.
*Stock market practices to incorporate, Stock investing strategies.
*Understacking stock brokers, fees, and purchase plans
*Understanding Mutual Funds, types, fees and strategies.
*Financial resources, understand Yahoo Financial Key Statistics
*Understanding the “State of the Economy,” understanding Monetary indicators, 
*Gold & Silver investing, government bonds
*The Federal Reserve and the banking system.
*Understanding what real financial freedom is.
*Passive income

Trianing Manual Two:
You will become that Unique  Stock Analysis
16 pages

In this manual you will learn about analyzing a company financial strength, growth and profit potential.
*You will learn how to read and analize the company annual stock report.
*The difference between the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
*You will learn the various formulas used by experts to analyze a company financial position, strength, growth potential and profit rate.
*The understanding of a investment portfolio, and the different types.
*Understanding monetary inflation and how it affects us, or economy and our investing.
*The purpose and practice of investment banking
*Stock brokers and the stock market, stop lost orders, and proxy
*Investment insurance protection
*Dividends, reinvestments, partnerships.
*My personal stock analyses form for your use. 

Trianing Manual Three
You will understand the connection between the mind and reality
In This
Millionaire Mind Set Taining Manual
19 pages

You may not think so but this manual will be your most important manual out of all of them. Because, “how you see and think about yourself is what you have become and are.” If you think of yourself as a successful businessman with a strong positive mental attitude then your success is written. There have been people who became millionaire over night by winning the lottery, but because their inner core still believed that they are poor people, within two years they became poor again according to how they believed about themselves. Trust me on this, once you read this manual you will understand.

*Positive thinking in creating wealth
*Understand your inner core, “Your Paradigm”
*Tools used to change your inner core to wealth building, like control suggestion, repetition
*Fact about the subconscious mind and learning to take control of your life.
*Exercise one program to practice for a newer you a better you.
*The science of breath, its function along with visualization and affirmations.
*Your emotion as the driving force in the law of attraction.
*Exercise two in reprogramming your subconscious mind to a wealth building mind.
*Names of millionaire who followed a dream but never went to college.
*Creating your private Sanctuary
*Exercise three “Wealth Attraction”
*Understanding the “Law of Attraction.”
*The process of creation in relationship to wealth building and the law of attraction.
*The Power of Images of Visualization “When you visualize you Materialize”
*Understanding fear, and various affirmations to help you become a new you. And much, much more.

Training Manual Four
Starting your Home Base Business
24 pages

     You will never get rich working for someone else so you start a home base business and make yourself rich. The key secret here is starting a business in something you love to do and be good at.  

*Why start a business? Step in starting
*Way to raise money and income earning ideas
*Trusted Multi-level-marketing companies
*Retail types businesses
*Twenty one business you can start at home
*Business Set-up and Legal issues
*Fourteen successful marketing practices
*Writing a business plan (sample one included).
*Resources and websites and organizations that will help you.
*Thing you need to know, plus three helpful business tips
*All about taxes, simple and easy.
*The evil’s of banking
*Fifty ways to generate leads (customers).
*Samples and example of various businesses.

NOTE: As you build your wealth you will learn about “REAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM.”


*Proper Etiquette and Social Graces
The American Gentleman

Course Outline
36 pages

Introduction to proper Etiquette
The Important of Poise
Laws of Chivalry
Gentleman’s grooming 
Dining Etiquette
Developing Culture & Interest
Wine & Cocktails

*Ladies in Waiting
training manual

Course Outline
33 pages
Introduction to Lady in Training
The Important of Poise
Titles of Nobility
The Art of being Elegance
Lady Art of grooming
Dining Etiquette
Developing Culture & Interest
Wine & Cocktails

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